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The remarkable story of the first Latin Sextet in the city ~~Mora Sextet~~ began in Toronto in 1997.  Mora’s aim was to bring back the 1970’s old school sounds of the unforgettable Joe Cuba y su Sexteto, Jimmy Sabater and the legendary Cal Tjader with songs like “Pa’ las Villas”, “La Seis”, “Alafia” just to name a few, and many other classics that are part of today’s heritage of what we call Salsa.  

Mora Sextet opened doors and cultivated new pathways for groups such as Vibrason, and Toronto’s Fiercest Salsa Band, Caché. 


After many requests from Mora’s faithful fans, Wilson Montoya Acevedo, founder, musical director and multi-percussionist, had no choice but to please his audience with the rebirth of the soothing and alluring sounds of his Sextet… Mora Sextet.


This inimitable Sextet is comprised of six astonishing, classically trained musicians; Randy Stirtzinger (Vibes), Sean Bellaviti (Piano), Yoser Rodriguez (Baby Bass), Luis Ariel Rey (Congas), Juan Carlos Cardenas (Vocals/Guiro) and Wilson Acevedo (Bongos).